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Our solution Smart Analytics

Empower Your Customers with Scalable, Robust, and Real-Time Dashboards

As an ERP provider, you know that having a reliable and properly configured ERP is crucial for your clients. However, a high-quality dashboarding solution is just as essential for their business success.

With Smart Analytics, your clients will have access to scalable, robust, and near-real-time dashboards that can cross-reference Odoo's data with other data sources. These dashboards are directly integrated into Odoo, making it easy for your clients to use and access the insights they need to make informed decisions for their business.

Partner with Smart Analytics today and offer them the industry-leading dashboarding solution they deserve.


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Our solution Isabel Connect

Make your Customers more productive with Isabel Connect, a stable, reliable solution to get their bank statements to Odoo and their payment orders to their banks.

Isabel Connect allows you to download your Belgian bank statements into Odoo automatically every day. Forget about CODA manipulations and go straight to the reconciliation of your payments.

Automate payments as well: from the accounting module in Odoo, your batch payments can be sent to Isabel in one click. No need to connect to the different online banking systems to make your payments.

Partner Benefits*

When your customers sign-up for Smart Analytics or Isabel Connect, you get rewarded:

Smart Analytics:

- You get two thirds of the initial setup fee: a one time payment of up to 2000 € (limited time offer)
- You get a 25% commission on the recurring fees (the monthly subscription)

Customers Pay

Partner Commission

Initial Setup Fee

One-time fee for installing the solution in the environments of your client (data warehouse, extractor, odoo connections, etc)

3000 €

⅔ commission: up to 2000 €

Monthly Subscription

Subscription for accessing the Smart Analytics solution including our standard dashboards: The catalog contains department-centric dashboards (HR, Finance, CRM/Sales…), sector-specific dashboards (Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Inventory, Point of Sale…) and data governance dashboards (audit trail). Conditions apply.

300 € / month

25% commission:

75€ / mois

Dashboard Customisation - OPTIONAL

Our team of data scientists offer dashboard customization services that are charged on a time & materials basis.

850€ / day

No commission

Isabel Connect:

You get a 25% commission on the recurring fees (the yearly subscription)

Customers Pay

Partner Commission

Initial Setup Fee (time and material, depends on the number of bank accounts to install)

One-time fee for installing the solution in the environments of your client and configuring their bank accounts. You may provide this service yourself in which case Idealis will not charge the setup fee to your client. 

950 € / day

No commission

Yearly Subscription 

Subscription for accessing the Isabel Connect solution

1500 € / year

25% commission:

375€ / year


Note: we will invoice your customers directly and send you a PO with the commissions for your invoice.
* prices in this document may be indexed yearly based on the consumer price index.

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