Idealis implements

your Odoo solution

Explore how an ERP project is implemented depending on the size of your company.


Idealis Consulting, your Odoo Gold Partner

Your needs are our starting point. We can help you whatever your sector.

Our consultants are experts in all Odoo applications, and have developed cross-disciplinary skills that enhance the added value of their work.


Odoo for SMEs

​Our experienced Odoo consultants challenge your processes. They identify creative standard solutions to meet your needs. Your new tool is up and running in just a few days.

​Your employees can quickly become self-sufficient through our Academy training courses.

​Your custom development requests are listed, but we deliberately do not carry them out during your first period of use. At the end of this period, we decide together to continue our collaboration via our CORPORATE service in order to deliver your customized developments if necessary.

Odoo for Corporates

​Odoo's standard applications are right for you, but you're looking for a partner who can also develop customized solutions? Are you looking for a partner who can manage priorities, key users, a schedule, milestones and a budget? Are you looking for advice on how to get the best ROI?

Project management methodology

We carry out your project using our project management methodology, developed over 15 years of ERP expertise.

Your project management

We proactively manage your project from A to Z, and have all the skills needed to complete the job.

We manage projects in French, English and Dutch. We are active in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Europe.

Business expertise

Our team includes Business Analysts, Developers, Web Designers, Project Managers, Testers, Technical Architects and Infrastructure Managers.

A tailor-made offer

Our Academy can create your customized training content (PDFs, slides, videos, questionnaires, etc.) and deliver personalized coaching sessions.
We can also activate first-line user support via our Academy_Bot robot.

70+ Odoo implementation projects successfully carried out by Idealis Consulting for companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

Find a client experience similar to yours!

Our references

We'll help you find the right solution!

I'm considering MIGRATION of my current Odoo

Are you already using Odoo and would like to migrate to a more recent version?

Our team can carry out this mission using our migration methodology:

1) Diagnosis of your current system: what is your ROI?
​What to keep?
​What to migrate?
​What can be replaced with standard?
​2) Technical migration of your code and testing
​3) Training users on your new system via our Academy


Are you already on Odoo and considering working with another partner?

Our team can carry out an audit of your situation. The diagnosis is based on a number of factors:

  • Governance and project management

  • Technical axis (code analysis)

  • Functional axis

  • Budget and ROI

The deliverable is a precise takeover plan or recommendations for completing your project with your current partner.

I'm looking for AN ODOO PROFILE to work in my company

Idealis Consulting can provide you with Odoo profiles for a period of time. These people work in your company. Profiles available are: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Developer.

We also offer expert profiles in certain fields: manufacturing, logistics, accounting, HR.

These people are regularly trained in-house by our Academy to keep them up to date.

  • Do you want your team to be trained and apply your procedures properly?
  • Are you looking to set up first-line support for your Odoo users?

Find out how our Academy can help you create content and how our Academy_bot can answer your Odoo users' questions.


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