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Our 7-step methodology

We've mixed the "Agile" and "Prince2" project management philosophies. 

The objective of the Agile method is to involve your teams as early as possible in the testing and implementation of the proposed solution, and to be highly responsive to their needs. This method is based on an iterative, incremental and adaptive development cycle.

The Prince 2 method enables you to set up a general framework that includes: a steering committee, for decision-making; a project preparation phase, for clarifying the terms of the project and training your teams; an actual launch, for preparing the framework for execution, responsibilities, planning, quality control and many other things that enable the project to run smoothly.


We start by understanding your needs. Then, on the basis of a personalized demo, we define together the best solution and the expected benefits.

​Using these elements, we draw up a offer based on the demo and your feedback.


Macro planning is divided by theme and into short work cycles called "Sprint". Each sprint lasts 2 weeks.

All key dates are known in advance: steering committee meetings, weekly reviews between PM's, test periods, sprint reviews, golive , training sessions, etc.


Roles and responsibilities are well defined, governance is established; who can decide what, who are the project leaders (= PM's on the client and Idealis side) and who are the key users.

​We become one team.


During workshops, our consultants challenge your requirements to find the best balance between standard and customized development. We advise you on best practices in a given business or sector.

​We share our expertise.


​If an expected feature needs to be developed for you, we issue a Decision Note: a complete document describing what will be done, and the budget.

You validate it beforehand. Together, we define the test and acceptance criteria that will enable us to validate the development.


We form a steering committee, which meets every 6 weeks to ensure that the solution will deliver the expected benefits, and that the schedule and budget will be respected.


Prior to your golive, we support you during a test period. To allow the solution to go into production, all the acceptance criteria we've agreed together must be met.

The benefits of Idealis Consulting methodology for your company

The Idealis method provides flexibility, trust and complete transparency.

  • Stay involved throughout the implementation phase, so that you can learn about and test the solution.
  • Every 2 weeks, you get an overview of the project's progress via "Sprint Reviews" (time consumed VS time planned; tasks delivered; tasks scheduled).
  • You have total autonomy to determine the priorities for your company during Sprint Planning.
  • You retain the possibility of reducing the budget if certain developments are not carried out (because they are ultimately considered unnecessary).
  • We manage changes during the project.