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We've mixed the "Agile" and "Prince2" project management philosophies. 

The objective of the Agile method is to involve your teams as early as possible in the testing and implementation of the proposed solution, and to be highly responsive to their needs. This method is based on an iterative, incremental and adaptive development cycle.

The Prince 2 method enables you to set up a general framework that includes: a steering committee, for decision-making; a project preparation phase, for clarifying the terms of the project and training your teams; an actual launch, for preparing the framework for execution, responsibilities, planning, quality control and many other things that enable the project to run smoothly.


Our methodology begins right from the sales phase. It starts with understanding your requirements. We analyze your current needs and explore together the benefits of integrating ODOO and/or adding new functionalities to your existing system. This step is crucial in determining the most suitable solution for your business.

We will then provide you with a personalized demonstration illustrating how the proposed solution will concretely address your needs. This is essential for visualizing the potential benefits and refining the solution based on your feedback.

Following these discussions and the demonstration, we develop a detailed proposal. This offer is based on your feedback and the demonstration, ensuring that the final solution is perfectly aligned with your expectations and the specificities of your business. This offer will also be accompanied by a proposed timeline, which will be validated together during the kick-off meeting before starting the project.


Once the offer is accepted, we schedule a project kick-off meeting where we present our working methodology in detail and discuss the following topics: the expected benefits for your company, the scope, the timeline, and the budget. Your project can now officially begin.


The macro planning is divided into milestones, themes, and short working cycles called 'Sprints.' Each sprint lasts for 2 weeks, during which we commit to delivering a series of new features/improvements predefined with you. Milestones correspond to a set of tasks to be completed by a single deadline, which we refer to as 'milestones.' Meanwhile, 'epics' represent the different project themes: finance, logistics, marketing, human resources, etc.

At the kick-off meeting, we collectively validate all the key dates of the project: steering committee meetings, weekly reviews between the project managers, testing periods, go-live, training sessions, etc. Once the meeting is concluded, the project manager shares the validated schedule with you.


The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, establishing governance; specifying who can decide what, identifying the project managers, the Business Analysts (on the Idealis side), and the key users (on the client side) who will be involved from the beginning of the project. We become one team.


During workshops, our consultants analyze your current processes with you and challenge your requests to find the best balance between standard solutions and custom development. We advise you on best practices in specific industries or areas of work. We share our expertise. These workshops are divided into work themes called 'epics'.

A meeting note, a summary document, is then sent to you to recap our discussions.


After these workshops, we produce a 'Decision Note,' which is a document presenting, for each task, a description of the work to be done and the associated budget. This Decision Note requires approval before development begins.

Once this document is approved, for each task, we create test plans. These plans represent the various scenarios to be executed to achieve the expected outcome of the task. They determine the acceptance criteria for the developments to be made. Upon approval of the test plans, development can begin.


We form a steering committee, which meets every 6 weeks to ensure that the solution will deliver the expected benefits, and that the schedule and budget will be respected.

Furthermore, throughout the project, we organize weekly follow-up meetings with you to keep you informed of the project's progress.


We provide you with your own personal space to interact with us throughout your project. You will have a view of your ongoing projects, the progress of tasks we are working on, the test plans to facilitate your testing, your Decision Notes, meeting notes, and invoices.


At the beginning of each month, we will transparently send you several reports detailing the services provided during the previous month. You will have both a clear overview of the overall project budget evolution and a detailed breakdown of the budget consumed by each work item.


User experience is at the heart of our approach. We believe that well-trained individuals result in more effective tool usage, increased productivity, and ultimately, a return on investment for your company.

Our trainers are committed to guiding your teams through practical and results-oriented learning of the tool. Every company is unique, which is why we tailor our training to your specific needs.

We invite you to browse through Our Idealis Academy catalogue , where you can explore topics such as accounting, Odoo basics, human resources, marketing, inventory management, and many more.


To authorize a 'go-live' for the solution, all acceptance criteria set together in the test plans must be met. During this testing period, you are accompanied by the Business Analysts of your project.

Once all tests have been validated by you and the training of your key users is completed, the GO LIVE can take place.

Our teams are available after the deployment of your new tool to provide the necessary support.


For the past few years, Idealis Group has developed a Solutions/R&D department comprised of expert developers, technical specialists, and data analysts. This team's objective is to offer you additional tools that can be integrated into your software.

These solutions can be both vertical and horizontal, meaning they can address specific business needs/sectors while having access to your data.

We invite you to browse through our Idealis Solutions website where you can familiarize yourself with all of our developed solutions. You will discover tools such as Smart Analytics that offers advanced monitoring with Business Intelligence capabilities, as well as Smart Biotech, a dedicated solution for businesses in this sector, or even Isabel Connect which integrates your software with the accounting tool. Other solutions such as Smart Membership and Briolab (HR) can be discovered on our website. 

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