Increase the productivity of your accounting team by automatically integrating your bank statements into your Odoo accounting system. Send payments to Isabel for signature in just one click.

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Isabel Connect allows you to download your Belgian bank statements into Odoo automatically every day. Forget about CODA manipulations and go straight to the reconciliation of your payments.

Automate payments as well: from the accounting module in Odoo, your batch payments can be sent to Isabel in one click. No need to connect to the different online banking systems to make your payments.

What are the main features?


Automatic download of daily statements


Send payments for signature


No more worries about access to bank accounts


No more file manipulation


Save time and increase productivity

What are the benefits of this offer for your company?

The annual Isabel Connect subscription includes:

Annual updates

Minimum 1 per Odoo version


We answer your questions


Bug fixes on the solution


Detailed installation and user guides

If you need more information or have special requirements for your accounting project.

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