The Crucial Role of the Community Manager in Club Member Experience🏆: Part 2

Before diving into the advanced features of Smart Membership , , we recommend you read our previous article on the crucial role of the Community Manager in the club member experience. This will give you a better understanding of how Smart Membership  fits into the overall strategy of community management and member engagement.  

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In this part, we'll take a closer look at how  Smart Membership  meets the day-to-day challenges faced by Community Managers, offering powerful tools for managing the community, organizing engaging events, and measuring member satisfaction and engagement.  

Let's discover together how this ERP solution can transform your club's management and deliver an unrivalled member experience. 

4. Smart Membership:  La réponse technologique aux besoins du Community Manager

Smart Membership positions itself as an ERP solution specifically designed to meet the daily challenges faced by Community Managers in clubs. By integrating advanced features for community management and farming, this tool becomes a valuable ally in the quest for an enriched member experience.

4.1. Community Management

A. Directory and Detailed Member Profiles

Smart Membership includes a member directory accessible online only by members, thus enabling remote networking from a dedicated and secure space.

Members can fill out a detailed profile if they wish, choosing precisely the information they want to make public or private. This flexibility ensures perfect control over their level of confidentiality and allows you not to embarrass your members. For example, they can share only their professional contact details or go as far as listing their interests, career path, etc.

How is this feature useful for community management?

The purpose of this directory is to strengthen the sense of community and foster interactions among your members, thereby creating more value. By allowing your members to discover each other through their profiles, find common ground, and easily exchange, you will increase their engagement in the club's life. This directory also promotes the sharing of advice, mentorship, and especially business opportunities between members with complementary profiles.

Ultimately, it is a powerful networking tool that, for example, combined with targeted events, allows you to implement effective farming strategies within your club. Your members will feel more connected to each other and proud to be part of a dynamic community with high added value.

B. Centralized History of Interactions and Information

Thanks to Smart Membership, it is quite easy and intuitive to centralize on each member's contact sheet all past interactions with the club as well as various types of information, both private and professional. Let's look at the different types of information that can be stored in Smart Membership.

Private information can include:

  • Personal contact details
  • Academic background
  • Interests
  • Food allergies
  • Tax situation
  • Social media links
  • Introduction video
  • Any other private document or information

Professional information can include:

  • Profession 👔
  • Professional contact details
  • Industry
  • Parent company
  • Website 🌐
  • And any other type of professional document or information

And regarding interactions with the club:

  • Email communications
  • Meeting minutes
  • Current subscription status
  • Events the member has attended
  • Purchases and transactions
  • And much more

How is this feature useful for community management?

This centralization on a single contact sheet is extremely valuable. It allows easy sharing of information among employees, avoiding the loss of crucial information for member follow-up. Even in someone's absence, any employee can quickly take over and continue the relationship from where it left off, thanks to this complete history.

Most importantly, this detailed knowledge of each member and their journey within the club is essential for maintaining privileged long-term relationships through personalized and relevant communication. Such a member experience will be greatly appreciated.

4.2. Organization of Engaging Events

Organizing engaging events is at the heart of a community manager's responsibilities. However, the associated administrative tasks, such as managing registrations, payments, reminders, etc., often monopolize precious time, although these processes could be automated to save time that could be devoted to enriching the member experience.

Fortunately, Smart Membership automates these time-consuming tasks, offering advanced features to free up time for Community Managers and help them create exceptional experiences and events. 

Firstly, Smart Membership's customizable registration forms allow for the collection of detailed information about participants, thus facilitating the preparation of tailor-made events. Customize each registration form for your events. 

Let's put ourselves in the shoes of a visitor to your website who wants to register for an event and fills out this customized form: