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At Idealis Group, we offer customised solutions that meet the unique challenges of the transport sector. With Odoo, we have transformed transport management, enabling our customers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. To find out more about our solutions and how they can benefit your business, please contact us. We're here to help you succeed in the demanding transport sector.

Route management

One of the key aspects of transport management is route planning. With Odoo, we have introduced advanced functionality for creating and managing day, night and express routes. You can now easily allocate in-house drivers and subcontractors to each route, while effectively managing fuel prices for specific routes.

Charter type management

Odoo makes it easy to create and manage driver contracts, subcontractor contracts and much more. Our customers in the transport sector can manage their contracts with ease, ensuring transparent and efficient management of their partnerships.

Dynamic planning

Transport planning requires real-time visibility. Odoo offers intuitive colour-coded planning based on delivery status, so you can make quick, informed decisions. You can also manage your routes and generate weekly schedules automatically.

Route and tour management

The link between routes and planned tours is crucial for maximum efficiency. Odoo facilitates this task by enabling the management of specific prices by route, tour and timetable, guaranteeing accurate pricing for each service.

Attendance tracking

Odoo makes it easy to track attendance. You can easily record attendance by tour, arrivals and departures. Automatic calculation of service hours allows you to define service amounts, insurance and fuel prices with the utmost precision. What's more, the automated generation of invoices and purchase orders based on scheduled services saves you precious time.

Outsourcing management

Odoo also handles the management of subcontractors. We have set up automatic creation of purchase orders for subcontracted carriers based on sales validated by customers. You can also manage receipts and deliveries to stock, even with external carriers. What's more, synchronisation with an external transport company ensures seamless management of deliveries.

Additional features

To meet the specific needs of the transport sector, Odoo also offers CMR (Conventions de Marchandises Routières) management and printing. In addition, the possibility of grouped deliveries means that routes and costs can be optimised for maximum efficiency.

Reporting management
With ourSmart Analyticssolution, our customers can manage our business by tracking key indicators specific to the sector.

  • Operational costs: operational costs include expenditure on fuel, vehicle maintenance, driver salaries, tolls, etc. Keeping track of these costs enables you to manage your company's budget effectively.
  • Vehicle utilisation: the vehicle utilisation rate indicates whether the fleet is being used optimally. If the rate is too low, resources may be wasted, while if it is too high, the fleet may be overloaded.
  • Kilometres travelled: the number of kilometres travelled is an indicator of fleet productivity. It can also be used to monitor fuel consumption and associated costs.
  • Delivery times: punctuality of deliveries is crucial to customer satisfaction. Tracking delays helps to identify planning or logistical problems.
  • Customer satisfaction rate: customer feedback and comments are essential for assessing service quality. A high satisfaction rate is a key indicator of customer loyalty..
  • Preventive maintenance: monitoring the frequency and quality of vehicle preventive maintenance helps to reduce unplanned downtime and extend the life of the fleet.
  • Fuel Consumption Index: effective management of fuel consumption can generate significant savings. This indicator can be used to monitor the fleet's energy performance.
  • Driver turnover: high staff turnover can lead to high training and recruitment costs. It is important to monitor employee satisfaction to reduce this rate.
  • Profitability by customer or by route: analysing profitability by customer or by route allows you to identify the most lucrative and least profitable sources of revenue.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with transport regulations, such as driving time limits and safety rules, is essential to avoid fines and penalties.
  • Insurance costs: insurance costs can vary depending on the safety of the fleet. Reducing claims can lead to significant savings.
  • Asset Tracking: tracking the location of vehicles in real time using GPS tracking systems helps to improve route management and safety.

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Training in the transport sector

Seize the opportunity to acquire the essential skills and tools to excel in customer management with Odoo.


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