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At Idealis Group, we provide IT solutions to companies with logistics activities. We understand that managing the entire supply chain is crucial to our customers' success, which is why we've added additional functionality to Odoo to meet their specific needs. We're here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stock management and order preparation

Efficient stock management and order preparation are at the heart of the logistics business. Odoo enables us to implement highly efficient storage, picking and order preparation processes. We also use PDAs for off-line picking, ensuring maximum flexibility and accuracy.

Product and order management

The diversity of products and orders is commonplace in logistics. Odoo enables us to easily manage aspects such as parceling, packaging, kits and the management of different units of measurement. In addition, we can create goods receipts from purchase orders and stock/delivery issues from supplier orders. The ability to split an order between several warehouse staff also makes it easier to coordinate operations.

Process optimisation

Optimising processes is essential for efficient logistics. Odoo offers us functionalities such as the management of storage strategies, the inversion of flows for better management of returns, the use of the dispatcher for routing products, and the Drag&Drop functionality for easy handling of orders..

Sales and invoicing management

Odoo makes it easy to manage sales and invoicing. We offer a sales cockpit to send information to carriers, and invoicing can be based on actual weight thanks to catch weight management. In addition, we can manage consignments as items, generating refunds on the final invoice.

Specific management

To meet the specific needs of our customers, we use Odoo to manage features such as dropshipping for direct shipment from the supplier to the end customer. In addition, we manage shipping for the eSHOP, probably using specific functionality for online orders, ensuring a seamless experience for online customers.

Managing your reporting

With our solutionSmart Analytics, you can monitor your logistics activities. Here are the indicators you can track by combining Odoo and Smart Analytics.

  • On-Time Delivery rate: measure the punctuality of deliveries to assess the performance of your supply chain and customer satisfaction.
  • In-Full Delivery rate: assess the frequency with which orders are delivered in full, without stock-outs or missing products..
  • Logistics costs: calculate total logistics costs, including warehousing, transport and labour costs, to ensure effective budget management.
  • Warehouse Space Utilisation Rate: measure the efficiency of your warehouse by monitoring the use of available space.
  • Order Processing Time: track the time it takes to process an order from receipt to dispatch, minimising delays for faster delivery.
  • Returns rate: measure the frequency of product returns, which may indicate quality or shipping problems.
  • Stock levels: control stock levels to avoid surpluses or shortages.
  • Stock turnover rate: Calculate how often your inventory is sold and renewed.
  • Customer Service Level: assess customer satisfaction by measuring returns, complaints and evaluations.
  • Workplace accident rate: monitor employee safety by measuring workplace accidents.
  • Supplier Satisfaction Level: assess the quality of your relationships with suppliers to ensure a solid supply chain.

Our logistics references

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Logistics training

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