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At Idealis Group, we offer customised solutions that meet the unique challenges of the industrial sector. With Odoo, we have transformed the way this sector is managed, enabling our customers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. To find out more about our solutions and how they can benefit your business, please contactus. We're here to help you.

As a production operations manager, balancing human resources, machine capacity and customer needs is a constant challenge. The key to effective management lies in the ability to align these elements in a way that maximises efficiency while maintaining customer satisfaction. That's where Odoo comes in.

The different functions :

Transforming sales into production orders
One of the crucial first steps in the industry is to transform sales into production orders. Odoo facilitates this task, enabling a smooth and transparent transition between market demand and actual production.
Managing customer needs is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction. Odoo offers order management and demand planning tools, enabling you to anticipate customer needs, manage sales forecasts and ensure on-time delivery.

Item management
Item management is essential for maintaining precise control over raw materials and finished products. Odoo offers a complete solution for tracking and managing all the items in your inventory, whether they are ingredients or finished products.

Item management: MTO and MTS
Item management in the industrial sector can be complex, with varying requirements from Make-to-Order (MTO) to Make-to-Stock (MTS) production. Odoo gives us the flexibility to manage both approaches seamlessly, ensuring efficient stock and production management.

Parts list management (PLM)

Bill of materials management is at the heart of industrial operations. Odoo integrates complete BOM management, including the ability to easily track and evolve production specifications, thanks to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

​Management of semi-finished products

Industrial production often involves the use of semi-finished items. Odoo makes it easy to manage these components by integrating them seamlessly into the production process.

Human resources management

Our Odoo solution offers a complete suite of human resources management tools for monitoring and optimising the available workforce. You can plan working hours, manage absences and holidays, and monitor individual performance. This allows you to ensure that you have the right staff to meet production demand.

Machine capacity management 
Our Odoo solution offers advanced functionalities for machine and equipment management. You can plan preventive maintenance operations, monitor unplanned downtime and ensure that your machines are used optimally. This allows you to maximise the availability of production capacity.

Integrated planning 
With our Odoo solution, you can create production plans that take into account available human resources, machine capacity and current customer orders. This integrated planning enables you to make informed decisions on how best to balance resources and requirements.

Management of Subcontracting in the Production Process

Outsourcing certain stages of production is commonplace in industry. Odoo simplifies the management of outsourcing by enabling these processes to be tracked and managed with complete transparency.

Inter-company and outsourced flows

Odoo offers inter-company and outsourced flow management functionalities, enabling the efficient management of goods movements between different entities, whether within the company or with external partners.

Managing purchases from your suppliers (Cadencier concept)

Purchasing management is essential to guarantee optimum supply. Our Odoo solution incorporates a cadential concept that enables us to plan raw material purchases strategically.

Production planning and lead time management

Production planning is a key element of operational efficiency. Odoo helps us to plan and monitor production, taking lead times into account and ensuring accurate management of deadlines.

Production Quality Management (Smart Quality/LIMS)

Quality is at the heart of industrial operations. In collaboration with our Smart Quality solution and LIMS, Odoo offers complete quality management, ensuring that the most stringent standards are met.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Preventive and corrective maintenance is essential to minimise downtime and extend equipment life. Odoo offers maintenance management features to keep operations running smoothly.

Managing your reporting
Successfully running a plant depends on the ability to monitor and evaluate various aspects of production to ensure operational efficiency, product quality and profitability. With our Smart Analyticssolution, you can manage your plant by tracking your key indicators. :

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): OEE measures the performance of production equipment, taking into account availability, performance and quality.. 
  • First-Quality Yield Rate (FQYR): this indicator measures the proportion of products manufactured that are compliant from the first production run. It is essential for assessing the quality of the manufacturing process..
  • Stock turnover rate: the stock turnover rate indicates how quickly raw materials and finished products are used or sold. A high rate can reduce storage costs.
  • Production costs: monitoring production costs helps to control expenditure and optimise profitability. This includes labour, raw materials and energy costs.
  • Level of employee productivity: employee efficiency is crucial. Monitoring employee productivity helps to identify opportunities for improving and optimising human resources.
  • Delivery times: punctual delivery times are essential for customer satisfaction. Delays can lead to satisfaction problems and additional costs.
  • Process Efficiency Rate: this measures the proportion of compliant products at each stage of the manufacturing process. This can help to identify weak points.
  • Preventive vs. corrective maintenance: monitoring the frequency of preventive maintenance operations compared with corrective maintenance helps to minimise unplanned downtime.
  • Energy costs: energy costs are a major part of plant expenditure. Reducing them can improve profitability and reduce environmental impact.
  • Supplier quality: assessing supplier quality by monitoring raw material non-conformance rates can ensure a reliable supply chain.
  • Workplace safety: monitoring incidents and accidents in the workplace is crucial to maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Profitability by product or production line: identifying the most profitable products or production lines and those requiring improvement can guide strategic decisions.

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