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Turning sales into production orders

One of the first crucial steps in the food industry is turning sales into production orders. Odoo makes this task easier by enabling a smooth and transparent transition between market demand and actual production.

Article management

Article management is crucial for maintaining precise control over raw materials and finished products. Odoo offers a comprehensive solution to track and manage all items in your inventory, whether they are ingredients or finished products..

Management of allergens and nutritional values

In the food industry, food safety is a priority. Our Odoo solution enables you to effectively manage the allergens and nutritional values of your products, ensuring compliance with current standards and regulations.

Label management

Label management is a crucial step for successful marketing. Our Odoo solution allows you to create, customize, and manage your product labels with ease.

Managing bill of materials (BOM) and their updates

In the food production industry, dealing with evolving recipes can be complex. Odoo allows you to flexibly manage bill of materials (BOM), making it easy to update your recipes according to market needs.

Managing outsourcing in the production process

Outsourcing certain production stages is common in the food industry. Odoo simplifies outsourcing management, allowing you to track and handle these processes transparently.

Shopping list management

Managing a shopping list is crucial for production preparation. Our Odoo solution simplifies this task by enabling a single transfer for product preparation in the stock, thereby accelerating the production launch.

Inventory management

Accurate tracking of stock levels is essential in the food industry. Odoo provides real-time inventory management, ensuring that you always have complete visibility over your resources.

Dynamic management of preservation methods and dates

Expiration dates and preservation methods management are simplified through our Odoo solution. You can dynamically track and manage this information to ensure the quality of your products.

Purchase management

Purchase management is a key element of the supply chain. Odoo makes it easy to manage supplier schedules, ensuring that you always have the necessary raw materials for production.

Quality management (with our Smart Quality / LIMS solutions)

Quality is at the core of the food industry. In collaboration with our Smart Quality and LIMS solutions, Odoo provides comprehensive quality management, ensuring that your products adhere to the strictest standards. Our solutions cover your regulatory compliance needs.

  1. Food Safety: The primary obligation is to ensure the safety of the produced food. This includes preventing contamination, managing allergens, monitoring expiration dates, and implementing good hygiene practices.
  2. Compliant Labeling: All agro-food products must be labeled in accordance with current regulations. This includes the complete list of ingredients, nutritional information, health claims, and allergen statements.
  3. Traceability: Agro-food businesses must be able to trace the origin of their raw materials and finished products at any given time. This enables a quick response in the event of a product recall.
  4. Production Standards: Regulatory compliance obligations often include specific production standards.
  5. Quality Control: Implementing quality control programs is essential to ensure that products meet specified quality standards.
  6. Testing and Analysis: Companies may be required to conduct tests and analyses to ensure food safety, particularly in detecting contaminants or pathogens.
  7. Compliance with Public Health Standards: Businesses must adhere to public health regulations, particularly concerning the prevention of foodborne illnesses.
  8. Documentation and Record Keeping: It is typically mandatory to maintain detailed documents and keep records of all activities related to production, traceability, and quality.
  9. Personnel Training: Ensuring that the staff is trained in best practices is an essential component of regulatory compliance.

Report Management

Generating reports is crucial for making informed decisions. Odoo offers advanced report management, allowing you to track your business's performance and identify improvement opportunities. With our Smart Analytics solution, 

Thanks to our Smart Analyticssolution, you will be able to track your key indicators:

  • Cost of raw materials: closely monitoring the cost of raw materials is essential, as they often constitute a significant portion of expenses. An unexpected increase in costs can impact the profitability of the business.
  • Raw material yield rate: this indicator measures the efficiency of transforming raw materials into finished products. A low yield rate may indicate production issues or challenges in waste management.
  • Labor cost: labor is a key factor in agro-food production. Tracking costs related to labor, including wages, benefits, and overtime, is crucial for managing expenses.
  • Inventory level: maintaining an optimal stock level is essential to meet demand while avoiding excessive storage costs. Too much stock can result in tied-up capital, while insufficient stock can lead to production delays.
  • ​Inventory turnover rate: this indicator measures how quickly products are sold and replaced with new ones. A high turnover rate may indicate effective inventory management.
  • Product quality: the quality of agro-food products is crucial for customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Quality indicators, such as the number of product recalls or customer complaints, should be closely monitored.
  • Equipment maintenance costs: in agro-food production, equipment is essential. Monitoring maintenance costs and scheduling regular maintenance operations helps minimize unexpected downtime.
  • Supply chain performance: an efficient supply chain is essential to ensure the availability of raw materials and components. Monitoring delivery times and relationships with suppliers is important.

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