Odoo for service companies

At Idealis Group, we offer customised solutions that meet the unique challenges of a service company. With Odoo, we enable our customers to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. To find out more about our solutions and how they can benefit your business, please contact us. We're here to help. contacter . Nous sommes là pour vous aider.

Efficient work capacity management with Odoo

or a service company, the balance between available work capacity and the projects to be delivered is fundamental to ensuring optimum profitability while satisfying customer needs. This is where Odoo comes in as a powerful resource and workload management tool.


Odoo enables you to manage human resources effectively by tracking employee skills, availability and workloads. You can plan assignments strategically according to the skills required for each project.

Project Management

Project management is essential in service companies and Odoo allows us to simplify and streamline this process. We can create projects, allocate resources, schedule tasks, track time spent, and manage costs and margins, all from one user-friendly interface. Odoo provides real-time visibility of your company's workload. You can monitor the progress of projects, resource utilisation and any delays.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Effective customer relationship management is crucial for service companies. Odoo provides us with a complete CRM solution to track prospects, customers, sales opportunities and communication activities, ensuring optimal customer interaction.

Billing and accounting

Accurate invoicing and accounting management are simplified with Odoo. We can generate invoices, track payments, manage expenses and profits, and keep up-to-date accounting records.

Human Resources Management

Human resources management is essential for service companies. Odoo enables us to manage employees, timesheets, leave and performance appraisals, contributing to efficient team management.

Sales project monitoring

Odoo makes it easy to track sales projects. We can track every stage of the sales process, from prospecting to contract signature, via negotiation and project completion.

Service contract management

Service contract management is a key element for service companies. Odoo enables us to manage contracts, renewals, service levels and commitments to customers..

Process automation

We use Odoo to automate key processes such as managing recurring tasks, creating automated reports and generating recurring invoices.

Managing your reporting

With our solution Smart Analytics, you can manage your business by tracking key indicators. 

  • Turnover: the total turnover generated by your company is an essential indicator of your financial performance.
  • Gross margin: the gross margin measures the profitability of your services by calculating the difference between revenues and direct costs.
  • Resource utilisation rate: tracks the amount of work capacity used in relation to the total capacity available. 
  • Billing rate: this measures the percentage of working time billed to clients in relation to the total time worked. 
  • Customer retention rate: measure how many customers remain loyal to your company. Retaining customers is often more profitable than acquiring new ones.
  • Customer satisfaction rate: collect comments and opinions to assess your customers' satisfaction and identify areas for improvement..
  • Project profitability: assess the profitability of each project or service contract to identify the most profitable projects.
  • Time to delivery: measure how quickly you deliver projects or services once a contract has been signed.
  • Cost per project: assess the costs associated with each project to ensure you maintain profitability.
  • Employee productivity: track your team's productivity to maximise the use of resources

Our service company references

We are constantly striving to satisfy our customers in a wide range of sectors.


Training linked to service companies

Seize the opportunity to acquire the essential skills and tools to excel in customer management with Odoo.


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