Accounting | How to save time.

Discover how to save time with Odoo for your accounting.

Discover how to save time with Odoo for your accounting.

1) About integrated processes

Odoo provides a centralized platform that combines various modules, including accounting, sales, inventory, procurement, and more. This integration eliminates the need for multiple standalone systems and enables seamless data flow between different departments, saving time on data entry and reconciliation.

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2) About encoding


  • Quick Invoice Creation: Odoo allows you to create sales invoices quickly and easily. You can generate invoices directly from sales orders, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This feature saves time and reduces the chances of errors when transferring information from sales to invoicing.
  • Recurring Invoicing: for regular or recurring sales, Odoo allows you to set up recurring invoicing schedules. You can configure invoices to be automatically generated and sent at specific intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or annually. This feature is particularly useful for subscription-based services or products, reducing the manual effort required to create invoices each time.
  • Batch Invoicing: if you need to create multiple invoices at once, Odoo enables batch invoicing functionality. You can select multiple sales orders or customers and generate invoices in a single operation. This feature is beneficial when dealing with a large number of sales invoices, saving time by processing them collectively rather than individually.
  • Invoice Follow-up: Odoo provides automated reminders and follow-up functionalities for outstanding invoices. You can set up reminder schedules to automatically send reminders to customers for payment. This feature helps in reducing the time spent on manual follow-ups and improving the overall efficiency of the accounts receivable process.