Customer Farming

Discover how we can help you develop business with your current customers

Customer Farming

The concept of "customer farming" is a strategic approach to building and nurturing long-term relationships with your customers. It focuses on cultivating existing customers to maximize their lifetime value, rather than solely focusing on acquiring new customers.

Sales teams are often focused on convincing new customers (which is all very well), but we know that acquiring a new customer costs a lot more. We also know that your existing customers actively contribute to the development of your network through word of mouth. A happy customer will speak well of you to perhaps 3 people, an unhappy customer will tell at least 10.

Discover how we can help you (with Odoo) develop business with your current customers. 

1) Organize your recurring customer visits with Odoo.

Apps: Contacts, Calendar

Functionalities: from a Contact record, you can program Meeting-type activities that are recurring appointments. These events are stored in your Odoo calendar and can be synchronized with your Outlook or Google calendar. Ideal for never forgetting dormant customers.

2) Maintain an up-to-date customer identity card.

App: Knowledge

Functionalities: with the Knowledge app, you can edit and maintain your customers' ID cards. This tool lets you edit visit reports and note any preferences or remarks your customers may have. It can also be accessed by your colleagues (ideal for back-up management). You can classify information. You can add media links such as audio, video, documents or even a dashboard to display sales volumes for this customer, for example.

3) Conduct satisfaction surveys.

App: Survey 

Functionalities: with Odoo, you can automatically launch satisfaction surveys to measure your customers' level of satisfaction. Usually at least once a year. But you can also launch them automatically after a sales phase or just after a golive, for example. The data is usable. You can even add them to your customer identity card.

Some companies calculate employee bonuses on the basis of an NPS: net promoter score. The NPS is based on a simple question asked to customers: "On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?" Based on their responses, customers are categorized into three groups: promoters, passives and detractors.

4) Invite your customers to events.

App: Events

Functionalities: your events can be online or face-to-face. They are an opportunity to maintain a close relationship with your customers, and to introduce them to other services or products that may be of interest to them. These activities can be managed via Odoo's Events app.

5) Email Marketing (& Marketing Automation) to keep your customers uptodate

App: Emailing & Marketing Automation

Functionalities: you can use the Emailing app to edit and send relevant content to your customers. For example, your company's latest news or a current promotion. From this application, you can access all your contacts and create mailing lists. These lists can be created from the labels on your customer files.

Idealis Consulting can complement the standard Odoo Emailing application to enable you to send personalized content to your customers. With our addon, the same reference content can be segmented differently for each customer. Always with the aim of being relevant to your target audience.

We also recommend using the Marketing Automation application. This allows you to create automations based on your audience's reactions after a newsletter has been sent out. For example, Odoo can prompt a sales representative to contact a customer after the latter has clicked on content in a newsletter.

6) Publish relevant content and manage your image on social networks.

App: Social Marketing

Functionalities: from Odoo, you can centralize content publication campaigns on your social networks. This enables you to publish relevant articles to your customers and followers.