The Crucial Role of the Community Manager in Club Member Experience🏆: Part 1

1. Introduction

In the world of clubs and associations, member engagement and retention are essential. An engaged member is a loyal member. Yet, creating this vital sense of belonging is not always easy.

How can a Community Manager transform each club membership into a memorable community experience? The key lies in the role of a strategic Community Manager, equipped with Smart Membership, a tool designed to enrich the member experience and the work experience of community managers.👥

This article explores how, beyond simple social media management, the Community Manager plays a decisive role in animating club life by organizing engaging events and creating content that resonates with members, to strengthen bonds and cultivate a sense of community.🤝

2. Understanding the member experience

2.1. Customer Experience

In the business world, customer experience has become a fundamental pillar for the reputation and revenue of companies. But what exactly is customer experience?

It is the impression your customers have of your entire brand across all aspects of the purchasing process. It is reflected in their opinion of your brand and impacts factors related to your bottom line, including revenue.

Therefore, it is crucial for companies not to neglect this aspect and to equip themselves with the right tools to offer a unique and differentiated customer experience. Providing a unique customer experience is a definite competitive advantage for companies as it leads to loyalty, satisfaction, and engagement, which in turn becomes a lever for growth and profitability.

2.2. Member Experience

In the context of clubs and associations, we talk about member experience. It is defined as the sum of interactions between a club and its members, encompassing experiences within the club (events, activities, services) as well as all digital touchpoints (website, newsletters, social networks, etc.).

A positive member experience, where members feel valued, listened to, and engaged, has a direct impact on overall member satisfaction and their desire to renew their membership year after year. Satisfied members who are proud to be part of the club are also more likely to promote it to others, thus attracting new members.

Example of a good member experience: Marie, a club member, was pleasantly surprised when she received a personalized invitation to an exclusive event based on her previously expressed interests. This special attention not only made her feel valued but also strengthened her sense of belonging to the club community.

Conversely, a poor member experience (lack of communication, unengaging activities, deficient customer service) can not only discourage membership renewals but also harm the club's reputation and growth.

Example of a poor member experience: Jean, a club member, recently had a frustrating experience. He tried to register for an event via the club's website, but due to a lack of communication and an unintuitive user interface, he was unable to finalize his reservation. This negative experience left him with a feeling of dissatisfaction and disconnection from the club.

After exploring the impact of the member experience, both in its moments of success and its challenges, it becomes clear that the key to cultivating a positive experience lies in proactive and attentive community management. This is where the role of the Community Manager becomes paramount.🔑


3. Community Manager: The Architect of the Member Experience

3.1. Role and Daily Objectives🎯

At the heart of club communication strategies, the Community Manager's main mission is to weave and strengthen the bonds between members and the organization. On a daily basis, they strive to know each member, animate the community via social networks, organize events that reflect the interests of the members, and respond to their questions with reactivity. Their goal is to create a positive and personalized member experience that fosters engagement and loyalty to the club. As part of their responsibilities, the Community Manager also practices farming, a strategic approach that promotes member retention and upselling. We will detail this strategy in a future article.

3.2. Professional Needs of the Community Manager

To achieve their objectives, the Community Manager must have a deep understanding of the members. They need to centralize information related to each member, track their lifecycle within the club, and analyze past interactions. This knowledge allows them to adjust their communication strategies to improve engagement. They must also be able to communicate effectively, whether for one-on-one exchanges, sending personalized newsletters, or managing member feedback. Proximity to members is essential to identify new opportunities for the club.

3.3. Necessary IT Tools

To effectively manage their multiple tasks, the Community Manager needs a robust IT system. At Idealis​​​​​​ Solutionswe are aware of this. That's why we have developed an all-in-one solution specifically designed for clubs and member associations, Smart Membership

Our system's features include customer relationship management (CRM), an overview of members, integrated communication tools for newsletters and event invitations, as well as feedback modules for analyzing member feedback and many other surprises. 💌. Our efficient IT system also allows for scheduling and tracking activities with members, from preparation to the conclusion of each interaction, including creating opportunities such as subscription renewals or upsell offers.💡

After exploring the essential role of the Community Manager in creating a positive member experience and the importance of a deep understanding of members to personalize this experience, we now turn to our solution that can facilitate and optimize this crucial work. The question arises: how can a Community Manager effectively manage and enrich the member experience while staying organized, proactive, and productive? 

To answer this question in concrete terms, we invite you to discover our second article, where we dive into the details of Smart Membership, the ERP tool designed specifically for the needs of community managers and clubs. You'll learn how this tool can revolutionize community management, event organization and much more.  

Don't miss this in-depth, hands-on exploration of Smart Membership to enrich your member experience like never before. 

Read the full article in Part 2 

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The role of the Community Manager goes far beyond simple social media management. They are the conductor of the experience that the member lives within their club. Farming, which involves cultivating authentic relationships between members and the club, is a powerful approach to strengthen community ties and improve long-term retention.

By organizing engaging events, creatively animating the community, and sharing hyper-personalized content that directly meets the interests of members, the Community Manager can implement fruitful farming strategies to bring the spirit of community to life every day.

What concrete actions can you implement within your club to better connect your members with each other? What are your best farming strategies? Do not hesitate to contact us on our LinkedIn account or via the following form.:

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