Clubs 2.0: A unique and modern loyalty experience

Dear readers, let's imagine a scenario together. 💭

You're a tennis enthusiast. 🎾 You have the choice of several tennis clubs in your city. There's a good chance you'll choose only one, but why just one? Why not several? It's an interesting question, isn't it? That's because we all tend to register with only one club. Imagine how, for clubs, each member is precious 💎 because if they're not registered with them, they'll likely be with competitors. With this example, I just wanted to show you that we all tend to register with only one club per domain.

In the competitive world of clubs, attracting and retaining members is a constant challenge. More than ever, it's crucial to provide an experience that not only attracts members but also retains them. Clubs operate on a subscription basis, making member retention paramount. To keep members, offering them a unique experience is a good way to increase their chance of staying.

The experience offered to members must be both unique 🌟 and modern 📱. Unique to create a true sense of belonging and modern to keep up with current technologies and industry best practices. These challenges, though formidable, present opportunities for clubs to reinvent themselves and create an unparalleled experience.

Creating a modern experience for clubs 🌐

Being modern means using the latest tools and technologies that open up new possibilities for clubs. This could mean using trending social networks like YouTube or TikTok, implementing state-of-the-art computer systems, having a dynamic website on both PC and mobile, offering contemporary design 🎨, or simply using digital technology to enhance the overall customer experience.

In the context of clubs, a "modern" experience goes beyond just using technology to facilitate interactions. It's about creating an environment where members can connect, share, and engage seamlessly and intuitively. This could involve integrating social networks and emails 📧 to facilitate communication, implementing online reservation and payment systems for events, or offering services, content, or exclusive web pages accessible anytime, anywhere. A modern experience meets the changing expectations of members, who are increasingly accustomed to the simplicity and efficiency offered by digital technology in other aspects of their lives.

Creating a unique experience for clubs ☝️

A unique experience is built by offering something that can't be found elsewhere. In the context of a club, this could be a distinctive atmosphere, exclusive events 🎟️, high-quality networking opportunities 🤝, or specific benefits for members. A unique experience is carefully designed to match the club's identity and the interests of its members. By being authentic and consistent, it creates a sense of belonging and pride among members. Ultimately, a unique experience makes members feel valued and part of a community, strengthening their commitment to the club and, therefore, their longevity within it.

The role of a quality IT system 💻

A quality computer system is a key element in providing a modern and unique experience. It enables effective member management, smooth communication, and the organization of attractive events.

However, not all computer systems, especially ERPs, are equivalent. A generic ERP may seem like an attractive solution, but it may not meet the specific needs of a club and require expensive developments. Conversely, a system that is too specific may not cover all the general needs of a club and require costly integrations. It is essential to choose a computer system that is both versatile and tailored to the specific needs of clubs.

For clubs, the optimal choice is a solution versatile enough to meet the general requirements of a business while considering the unique needs of a club and addressing them.

This is precisely what we offer at Idealis Solutions with our Smart Membership solution. 🎯

Smart Membership 🏅

We created Smart Membership precisely to meet these specific and current needs, which require the creation of a fully customisable 2.0 membership experience. 

Based on the Odoo ERP, it offers a comprehensive range of features that allow clubs to manage their business as well as their members, complete subscription management, various subscription types, the complete organization of events (different types of tickets, visibility to a target audience, online ticket sales, …), a personalized web portal for your members, a dynamic member directory, subscription renewal management 🔄, and many other features. All these elements have been included in our Odoo 16 version, and we plan to add even more exclusive features in our next version based on Odoo 17. If you didn't know, Odoo 17 is the latest version of Odoo that brings a host of improvements and allows us to go even further with Smart Membership. 📈

In addition to supporting your current organization and boosting your productivity, Smart Membership may even help you develop exclusive benefits for your members 🎁, as we have designed the solution to be customizable.

Smart Membership was designed with a dual perspective: that of clubs and that of their members. Our goal is to allow clubs to offer a modern and unique experience to their members, contributing to maximizing their loyalty 💖. At the same time, our solution provides club employees with tools that increase their productivity, allowing them to focus more on the essential tasks that are at the core of the club's activities. In short, Smart Membership is a solution that promotes an enriched experience for both members and internal club staff.



If you were to remember one thing from this article, it's that building a loyal community is a complex challenge for clubs that requires thoughtful consideration 🧠. It is essential to offer a modern and unique experience that meets the changing expectations of members. Idealis Solutions and Smart Membership are the ideal partners to play a key role in achieving this goal. 

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If you are a club manager, or if you know club managers, we invite you to contact us to learn more about Smart Membership 📞. We organize free demos to show you how our solution can help your club stand out and offer an exceptional experience to your members while gaining productivity. 

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your club and provide your members with the experience they deserve. 🚀

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