Find the right balance between governance and agility with a complete ERP solution

which focuses on what matters to your industry: advanced quality management.

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Smart Biotech is an Odoo-based solution with modules for Quality, Inventory, MRP, Purchasing, etc., combining the full power of a modern ERP with the specific needs of your industry.

The solution focuses on the following themes:

  • Advanced quality control

  • LIMS and certificates of analysis or conformity

  • Improved inventory and manufacturing

  • Approvals (purchases, invoices, bills of material)

  • Reporting

Main features :

Batch status management

Assigned on the basis of quality controls, it determines the possible uses of the items in the batch.

Plans and control groups

Trigger multiple quality checks on the same operation.

Automatic or manual sampling

Samples can be created from your batches, becoming individually managed sub-batches or reintegrated into the original batch.

Dynamic frequency testing

Increase or decrease the frequency of quality checks according to test results.

Advanced measurement and tolerance management

Precise control and various options on the standards used for quality measurements, definition of primary and secondary tolerances.


The annual Smart Biotech subscription includes:

Annual updates

Minimum 1 per Odoo version


Bug fixes on the solution


Detailed user guide


A day of training in our Idealis Academy


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Is the SmartBiotech solution GMP or GxP certified?

Our solution, like Odoo's, is certifiable. This means that for the validation process, we can produce the necessary documentation specific to our solution: user manual, installation instructions, and data schemas.

We have also included the necessary functionalities in our solution: audit trail, access control, etc.

Finally, we can take part in the process during the project, according to your needs, to be validated with you:
Security and Data Integrity: have your infrastructure tested. For SmartBiotech, we rely on Odoo and their security tests.
Traceability: validate log and audit trail reports
Validation and Verification: take part in your technical and functional tests, produce test cases and test scenarios based on your project configurations, and validate them.
Documentation: we can produce standard documents (see above) and produce documentation specific to your configurations (project).
Risk Management: we can produce "risk assessments" and "mitigation plans" specific to your configurations.

As ERP implementation is a project involving the integration of customer-specific requirements, we cannot be satisfied with standard certification of the solution.
This certification will have to be undertaken once the project has been delivered, your requirements developed (if applicable) and configured in Odoo, for which we can offer our services to assist you and speed up the procedure.

Yes, if you have advanced needs in quality control, governance and validation, you could benefit from Smart Biotech's features.

Yes, it is possible to install Smart Biotech on an existing Odoo.

Smart Biotech is compatible with Odoo versions 14, 15 and 16, but we strongly recommend using the latest version (Odoo 16).