Find the right balance between governance and agility with a complete ERP system 

that focuses on what matters most to your industry: advanced quality management.

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Smart Biotech is a solution based on Odoo and its modules for Quality, Inventory, MRP, Purchasing, etc., combining the full power of a modern ERP with the specific needs of your industry.

The solution focuses on the following themes:

  • Advanced quality control
  • LIMS and certificates of analysis or conformity
  • Improvement of inventory and manufacturing
  • Approvals (purchases, invoices, bills of material)
  • Reporting

Main features :

Batch status mangement

Assigned on the basis of quality controls, it determines the possible uses of the items in the batch.

Control plans and groups

Trigger multiple quality checks on the same operation.

Automatic or manual sampling

Samples can be created from your batches, becoming individually managed sub-batches or reintegrated into the original batch.


Purchase requests, PO approvals (by amount and product category), BoM approvals, supplier approvals....


Audit Trail, traceability reports, inactive products in stock

Our offer

The annual SmartBiotech subscription includes:

Annual updates​

Minimum 1 per Odoo version


​ Bug fixes on the solution


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Detailed user guide


A training session in our Academy


Take part in our construction workshops​


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